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Used Car Dealer Bargains – The Quickest Depreciating Cars

From the car seller’s perspective, depreciation may be the enemy. In the buyer’s perspective, though, arming yourself after some details about depreciation rates for various types of car often means your choice up an incredible vehicle in great condition… by having an ultra-low cost tag! Today we take a look at a few of the fastest depreciating cars offered around australia – look out of these in Melbourne used car dealer lots and car city, and obtain a good deal for significantly less.

Ford Falcon BF MkII

This city car was costing $39,890 new (in 2007), and a few years later was worth only $19,100 based on market price guides. The boost in gas prices did not help then… but though gas has become an infinitely more reasonable cost per litre, the Falcon BF MkII never really retrieved its prices mojo.

Holden Commodore VZ

Holden proprietors can’t gloat concerning the Ford Falcon being among the fastest depreciating cars offered by Melbourne used car dealers either… the Holden Commodore VZ, that was released around the same time frame because the BF MkII, retained round the same degree of value, sitting just 50 plusPercent of their new value 24 months after launch.

Mitsubishi 380 SX

These can’t be bought new anymore (similar to the VZ Commodore) – Melbourne used car dealer lots would be the only locations that have 380 SX’s for purchase. They retained the identical number of value because the Falcon within the 2-year period, sitting at approximately 47.9% of the new cost tag.

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

In a whopping $63,990 new, it’s unsurprising the Alfa were built with a fall from elegance within the value stakes. It had been worth just $37,600 24 months after its launch, although these vehicles are very well-outfitted and reliable. Like a niche vehicle, they may be difficult to get at Melbourne used car dealers – worth searching out for!

Jaguar X-Type V6

It was much more frequently an emotive purchase than the usual practical one… however it appears that feelings don’t keep wheels inside a front yard! Jaguar X-type V6s scored well for reliability, performance as well as functionality in customer feedback, so consider them inside your Melbourne used car dealer or car city lot. The cost difference appears to become because of the ‘prestige’ factor of having a used Jag is way dissimilar to those of owning a replacement.

Searching for cars that retain their value?

If you do not mind having to pay just a little nearer to new car prices at car city or perhaps your Melbourne used car dealer, but desire a vehicle that’ll be more vital than pocket change whenever you market it over a couple of years, try:

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Ford Mondeo LX

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Honda Social Hybrids

Mazda 2

Ford F250 and F350… now more vital at Melbourne used car dealers compared to what they were moving from the factory floor, because they are from production. Wow!