Is Montana The Best State To Register Your Car? Yes, And Here’s Why

Montana vehicle registration offers several benefits. Registration places the owner or operator of the vehicle in good standing with the State of Montana. It allows them to operate their vehicle on public roads and highways in the State. Montana car registration also provides the holder with protection against loss or theft.

The registration is proof to law enforcement that the driver is qualified and permitted by law to operate their vehicle on public roads. This can be helpful in situations such as being pulled over for speeding, where officers cannot see inside your vehicle but can check the registration sticker or license plate to verify that you are an authorized driver. In addition, failure to register a vehicle may result in fines for both the owner and operator if caught. Other than car registration, you can also form a Montana LLC.

Benefits of Car Registration in Montana

Lower insurance rates in Montana

If you’re moving from a state requiring emissions tests, you’ll most likely see a decrease in your insurance premiums once you register your car in Montana. Insurance companies have been known to offer discounts for cars with clean titles, so if you’ve recently purchased a new car or had yours repaired, it may be worth registering it here instead of back home.

No personal property tax

In Montana, vehicles are exempt from personal property taxes on vehicles if they are registered with the State within 60 days of moving into Montana. This includes any period of time you spend away from the State for business or vacation purposes. You just need to learn how to register a vehicle in Montana. However, if you have a vehicle in storage and plan on returning to Montana within 30 days or less, it’s recommended that you register your vehicle immediately upon arrival in order to avoid paying high fees for late registration.

Insurance discounts for good driving behavior

Many insurance companies offer reduced rates for motorists who maintain a clean driving record by driving safely. A car accident can result in increased premiums or even cancellation of your policy altogether, so make sure you take advantage of policies that reward safe driving practices, such as reporting accidents as soon as possible and having no moving violations on your record.For a flawless registration process, work with Montana registered agent like 5 Star Registration.

No sales tax on vehicles purchased from non-dealerships

This is another perk that makes Montana an attractive destination for buying a used car. There’s no sales tax on cars purchased from individuals-only on those purchased from dealerships. Therefore, you’ll save thousands of dollars if you buy directly from a seller rather than through a car lot.

Low licensing fees

Montana charges lower licensing fees than most other states, making it an affordable choice for those who want to register their vehicles there.


You can register your vehicle any time during the year and do not have to wait until it expires before renewing its license.

Key Takeaway

Montana requires new residents to register their cars within 30 days of moving to the State. To be registered, you must obtain a Montana driver’s license and register your vehicle with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Montana Department of Justice. The MVD provides information and forms online, but you can visit any MVD office for assistance if you prefer.