Inclusive Car Mats Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for a stylish car mat to give your old car a new look or you want to improve the elegance of your new car, this article has everything you need to know about mats. Quality car floor mats will go a long way to protect your car’s interior from debris and dirt. But with multiple products and brands in the market, you may have a hard time making a choice. This guide summarizes everything for you;

Tips for Buying Car Floor Mats

Custom-Fit Vs. Universal-Fit for protection purposes

When it comes to car mats that enhance protection, they are only two types- custom and universal fit mats. Universal mats are suitable for all-weather and offer maximum protection to the car’s floor. They are sold at affordable rates, and one size is compatible with all types of vehicles.

Custom-fit mats can further be divided into max coverage mats and semi coverage.  The average coverage mats are customized to match your car’s floor outline. You won’t find the one-size-fits-all. Also, they cost more than the universal mats and offer better protection and coverage. However, they still leave the interior carpet partly exposed.

On the other hand, the max coverage mats are designed to cover your vehicle’s entire floor cabin, and they have the same pricing as their counterparts. They also come with stretched vertical walls that cover most of the carpeted area. These mats offer a complete protection package.

Consider Cleaning and Maintenance

When shopping for your vehicle’s mat, you’ll need a product that’s easy to maintain. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. Here are factors to remember;

Carpeted Mats; These mats do not repel water and mud. Instead, they absorb it. As a result, the carpet is prone to stain, and if left untreated, it’s likely to produce an unpleasant smell. This means that carpeted mats require frequent cleaning, and the professionals will clean it at a cost.

Mats with narrow crevices– these mats can be cleaned in seconds. You can either clean the debris with water or just shake it off. Besides, you can return it to its initial state effortlessly since you’ll only need some water and a piece of cloth. After air drying, you’ll be good to go.

Mats featuring deep crevices; the universal rubber mats have deep crevices to stop the liquid flow. However, slicks can form only to look horrible after drying up.  Cleaning these kinds of mats is indeed a walk in the park. But you’ll need more effort to restore the carpet to its initial condition.

Other features to keep in mind include the following;

Odorless materials

The best car floor mat should be odorless since government agencies dictate that a car mat must not release toxic fumes or gases to avoid putting the occupants at risk. So, only purchase odorless materials.

Mat thickness

Instead of purchasing thin mats, go for the thicker ones because they are heavier and less susceptible to cracking, drying, and curling. Besides, they are highly effective and can withstand snow, gravel, or mud.