Everything about roots horn for bike

Everyone wants the best for their bike, and who doesn’t like the feeling of fresh air when riding? However, good bike maintenance is the primary priority. Given the amount of traffic we confront on a daily basis, a horn is one of the most important bike accessories of our daily journey.

What are the signs that you should change your bike horns?

Now many people often tend to ignore horns in their motorcycle which they shouldn’t do. A working horn that is in a good condition is a sign of a well-maintained bike.  

If you see any of the following signs then your bike horns needs a change

A: Always choose the motorcycle horn that is compatible with your model

Now, this is common that you should always choose the horn according to your model because then it will work perfectly

B: The amount of noise it will produce.

Everyone wants a decent horn for their bike that is loud enough to warn other drivers but not so loud that it becomes bothersome, so when purchasing a bike horn, consider the loudness it generates.

C: Extended Warranty Period

A longer warranty period simply means that the horn system will be covered against damage and malfunction for a longer period. The longer and broader the warranty, the more assured you are with your horn system.

What are the best horns for your bike?

Now, the main question arises what horn you should buy, because buying a horn that is not made up of quality materials will not only cost you money but also cost you your valuable time

Purchasing roots horn is the finest option you can make since the quality and construction will never fail to entertain you and you can rely on roots horn. 

So here is a list of best roots horn that you should certainly consider if you are looking to replace a critical bike accessory.

A: Roots Vibromini Horn Set (Set Of 2)


Even though Roots Vibromini horns provide a powerful sound, the glossy grill shape is an amazing match for enhancing your vehicle’s stylish appearance. An aesthetically appealing design for prominent mounting. The sound of a horn used for electromagnetic signalling is pleasant and harmonious.

B: Roots Original Windtone Skoda Type Horn (12V)


If you want to replace or enhance your vehicle’s horn, the Roots wind tone Skoda type horn is an excellent option to consider. This 12-volt car horn will offer you the necessary driving safety. The provided bike horn is simple to use, fairly priced, and easy to install. It is made of high-quality materials. This vehicle horn is worth buying because of its extended shelf life and steady function.

C: Roots Megasonic High And Low Tone Horn (12V)


With these very loud roots, megasonic horns with silver grill design for sporty visible installation, power meets style.

D: Roots Windtone Harmonised And Genial Sound Horn


These horns are ideal for use on a bike or in a car, and they have a nice and harmonic tone.

Why should you go with Roots horn?

Approved by ISI

When the Indian Standards Institution certifies a product, you know it’s reliable. By far the most trusted certification mark in the country is ISI. The presence of the ISI logo alone says volumes about a product’s dependability. Roots horns have passed ISI requirements due to their use of high-quality materials.

Sound of High Quality

Everything else may be ignored, but sound quality is something we just cannot overlook. After all, it is what we anticipate from them. You want a horn that will help you express your presence on the road and navigate through heavy traffic while not being too loud to disturb other drivers. Roots manufactures all of its horns in accordance with the government’s decibel regulation. The sound is just loud enough to alert everyone to your presence.

Roots Horn’s prices are fantastic.

If you want to purchase high-end automobile replacement parts, you will quickly deplete your money account, which you do not desire. Here is the solution: purchasing roots horn will not only help you save money, but it will also provide you with the highest quality product available in the market.

Aesthetically pleasing designs

Some of us are particular about the appearance and feel of the exterior and interior vehicle accessories we install on our prized property. Roots places a premium on horn appeal and visual excellence, and as a result, the majority of its horns are of high quality. They are so noticeable that they may be simply mounted to improve the appearance of your bike.


There are several factors to consider when selecting a bike horn, but a high-quality horn will fulfil all of your requirements. Furthermore, the bike horn serves as a lock signal as well as a warning sound while entering the vehicle without authority. However, keep in mind that a good horn can satisfy the most (though not all) of these characteristics. Roots bike horns are long-lasting and well-priced.