What are the Pros and Cons of Using a main dealer for repairs and services?

At one time most people especially owners of more high-end motors would always go to the main dealership when their car needed a repair or servicing. There were several very valid reasons for making this choice, such as access to specialist parts and the need to keep that all-important service history up to date.

However, more recently there are many more independent garages available that can provide the same level of service often at a lower price. Under European Legislation introduced in 2003 Independent garages can now service and repair cars without adversely affecting a manufacturers warranty. This legislation was brought in to promote competition and to prevent car manufacturers from stopping independent garages servicing and repairing cars as long as they adhere to a car makers regulations.

This now gives the car owner a much wider choice but are you getting a better service. So, we thought we would have a look at the pros and cons of using the main dealership when you need work doing on your car.


Probably the biggest reason for using the dealership is that you are 100% certain that your warranty will be preserved. As you know the dealership will be using authentic parts, which along with approved work and certification gives you a certain peace of mind.

Another advantage of a main dealership is that having work completed there will often protect the residual value of your car. This is especially true if you regularly change your car at that dealership as they will usually offer you a better price when you trade in your old car with them.

When you have work done on your car by the main dealership every component is certified by the manufacturer. They also have the most up to date diagnostic tools and equipment.

All the technicians at a dealership will have specialist knowledge of all the models in the manufacturer’s range. This means that the person servicing or repairing your car will theoretically have all the relevant skills and knowledge to guarantee a quality service.

The reasons listed above are some of the main benefits of using the main dealership now let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages.


Probably the biggest downside of main dealerships is that they are more expensive than an independent. This is because they will almost always have much larger overheads as a result of high-end facilities, larger staff numbers and hidden charges.

Before having work done why not ask for a breakdown of charges to help you assess whether you feel it is value for money.

Another disadvantage is that you don’t always get the same level of personal service at a dealership. This is usually as a result of the amount of work they take on meaning that staff often become disconnected from their client base.

In conclusion, there is no right and wrong decision, if you are looking for say an Audi R8 clutch replacement make sure you do your research to make sure you get the best deal. Whether that is with a main dealership or an independent because there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

If you find yourself always at the dealer for repairs and need to decide if you should continue to repair or junk your used car, please see the resource below.

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Common Mistakes People Make After a Bicycle Accident

According to bicycle accident attorneys, in a perfect world all cyclists will have a full understanding of what they should do after an accident. With this being said however, the shock of the situation and the potential injuries afterwards, often mean that cyclists will have a tough time making sure that they follow the steps which they should do. This even includes minor sideswipe accidents. To help you get prepared for this kind of event, and of course we hope that it doesn’t happen, it is important to understand the common mistakes which are made.

Not Leaving a Police Report

Unfortunately it is quite common for the police to be more interested in the driver of a motor vehicle rather than the injured cyclist. This is not so much a mistake on the part of the cyclist, as much as it is the fault of the police. It is however important that a police statement is made by the cyclist so that it is registered.

Failure to Preserve Evidence

Whilst it may not seem like much, the clothes and even the bicycle could prove to play a significant role in attributing blame after these kinds of accidents. It is also worth keeping the equipment to one side for future use, rather than washing or throwing away the clothes which were being worn during the accident.

Negotiating With The Driver

Most drivers who know that this was their fault will try and negotiate with the cyclist so that they do not push this case forward any further. This is not a good way to negotiate however and there are a couple of reasons why. Firstly it may be that the driver changes their mind later on, and you may have not followed steps at the time which will help lawyers as a result of a deal. Secondly you honestly have no ideas of the extent of your injuries or the status of the driver until some days after the event.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

You may find that the insurance company of the guilty party seeks to get in touch with you and offers some level of compensation. What they are trying to do here is get ahead of the curve and pay out far less than they will have to if the case moves forward to court. If you receive a call from the insurance company then simply say that you will be in touch with them in due course.

Not Calling a Lawyer

It is always worth getting legal advice after this kind of event, as you need to know what your rights are. Even if you push the case forward there is no obligation to call a lawyer, but it will always make the best sense. Representing yourself can be tough and the best option is to get in touch with a great personal injury lawyer which specializes in bicycle accidents. .

Try to avoid these mistakes if this kind of event should ever take place.

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Considerations When Ordering Forklift Singapore Vehicles

Obtaining forklift Singapore vehicles for your stockroom is an exceptionally vital part of having your venture up and running. However, you can’t just invest in any arbitrary forklift. There are several forklift variations you need to take into consideration. Don’t stress, though; we can guide you in the correct instructions. This guide will certainly break down helpful suggestions for choosing the ideal forklift for your work area. That way, you’ll understand you and also your crew get on the pathway to triumph with the right equipment at hand.

Why take into consideration numerous factors when buying forklifts?

Ending up being aware of these pointers for choosing the appropriate forklift will permit you to execute day-to-day operations efficiently as well as, most significantly, safely. Suffice it to say, effectiveness and security are 2 of the most crucial characteristics of any type of positive work setting. As soon as you have the best equipment, all you require is the ideal staff to go through OSHA-certified training, and then you’re off to the races.

Will You Be Utilizing Your Forklift Outdoors, Indoors Or Both?

The type of forklift that you choose will certainly be figured out by the surface area of your work setting. As an example, if your work setting is inside as well as perfectly level and dry, then a reach forklift will certainly be excellent for you.

Criterion forklifts can be used both inside and also outside and on even or unequal surface areas. An all surface sort of forklift, conversely, is much more fit for surface areas that are unstable and also need to be steered over.

Forklifts that are made for indoor usage don’t have tires with a tread design for maintaining grip during damp weather condition, so this is one thing that you ought to keep in mind when trying to find a forklift

If you plan on acquiring a forklift for interior use, think about the sort of fuel that it uses. Forklifts that use diesel and fuel engines release toxic fumes and are for that reason not suited for interior usage.

Rack Elevation

In a similar way, smaller sized warehouses often tend to have elevated racks in order to optimize space. Order pickers are ideal for this because some designs have optimal heights of over 25 feet. This enables the driver to effortlessly pick orders from higher shelves, as well as heavier materials that they can pile on the order picker’s forks. Pallet or “walkie” stackers are also perfect for getting pallets up on higher shelves. The walkie versions are hand operated, while there are additionally powered versions for convenience of use. Depending on your warehouse, there are versions that have different optimum elevations and also weights, straddling abilities for rising up near a pallet, or reach abilities to move the load away from the forklift.

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Choose the Best Car Insurance Plan by Considering These Factors

An auto insurance policy is an important coverage you must consider when you purchase a vehicle. A good insurance plan helps you claim coverage when you will be involved in an accident. But, because there are many insurance plans available out there, you need to properly research your options to pick the right one. Your research should include comparing policies based on your requirements. Below are important factors you must think about when you buy an auto insurance policy:

The Reputation of the Insurance Provider

Before you buy a car insurance policy, ensure you get it from a reputable provider. You want to research the company’s reputation, especially in terms of paying out claims. You will easily know if there are complaints filed against them when you read reviews online. The last thing you worry about is dealing with a company that will refuse to pay claims while you are in a tough situation after an accident.

Available Coverage

The usefulness of your policy depends on the coverage it offers to you. You should check and compare the coverage a plan includes before you buy one. Keep in mind that coverage varies by provider and plan type. A comprehensive auto insurance policy offers coverage for the damage your car sustained, in addition to third-party liabilities. Also, a third-party policy covers just third-party liabilities.

Fine Print

Do not sign a policy document until you are sure of what it offers. Before you purchase a policy, take your time to read the fine print first. Some clauses in the contract may not be clear or even favorable to you. If you are not sure, ask a Miway insurance agent to help you understand those details.

Moreover, reading the fine print will help you understand the policy terms. Don’t just focus on the benefits of the policy but also on the conditions it doesn’t cover.


When you choose to purchase comprehensive auto insurance, you may want to extend the coverage of your policy with riders. Riders refer to add-on coverage you can add to your existing policy by paying extra premiums. Thus, before you purchase, check with your provider about auto insurance riders like personal accident coverage, on-road assistance, and others.

Claim Procedure

When it comes to auto insurance policies, the ease and efficiency of the claims process is an important consideration. So, ask your provider about it before you make a choice. Also, make sure to check the company’s claim settlement ratio.

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Your Handy Guide For Buying Clutch Kits

The anatomy of a car is curated delicately, and it needs to be handled with care if you want the vehicle to last.

Imagine you buy a car once, and after that, it’s a smooth ride. Now come back to the land of the living.

Certain parts of your car would inevitably wear down over time. However, the speed of deterioration may depend on many factors such as usage, maintenance, any accidents, etc.

All the intricate details can be daunting for someone new to this world. So, keep reading this article to simplify it a bit.

What is a clutch kit?

A clutch kit is a group of manual parts. You can either purchase it as a set or have different parts individually. You have to keep in mind that not every part wears down at the same rate; however, you must change them together.

A kit includes several parts:

  • A pressure plate
  • Clutch disc
  • A release bearing
  • Pilot bearing
  • Some alignment tools

The main goal of the kit is to equip you with all the necessary tools to repair a faulty clutch. You can replace all the parts together, as it could be difficult to put them in the first place. Along with that, you also save a ton of money by doing the same.

Choose your kit depending on the stage

Choosing a kit can be way more complex than what it seems on the surface. You first need to begin making a list of your needs and what suits your car the best. If you know the model of your vehicle, the amount of power used and the usage.

Then there is a slight possibility that you can save yourself from getting scammed out of your hard-earned money by the seller.

Now, some people deal with clutch replacement based on stages:

●      Stage 1

You can consider this stage if your car is somewhere around 50whp overstock. It simply translates to a rise in the torque up to 25-50%. This comes with organic discs that can give you the feel of a stock pedal. The presence of fiberglass in the organic disc gives you higher mileage.

●      Stage 2

The clamp load on the pressure plate remains more or less the same throughout the stages. So what sets it apart from the first stage? It’s the type of disc that makes all the difference. In this stage, people usually use a carbon-kevlar disc, which is considered an upgraded version. It gives 50-75% increased torque and is more durable than others.

●      Stage 3

The discs used in this stage are made of kevlar. This material can give you 75-125% torque compared to carbon-kevlar. It can be installed into supercharged whips that go to 350whp. However, it needs a particular break-in time to make the best out of its potential.

●      Stage 4

The top shelf stuff includes stages four and five. The stage four setup is all about 6-punk cerametallic sprung/unsprung discs. At the same time, 4-punk cerametallic unsprung/sprung discs can be found in the fifth stage. Only go for it with the turbocharged cars that give the horsepower of 400-500whp. It provides sharper engagement. However, if it’s slipped too often, it will damage the pressure plate faster than usual.

●      Flywheels

The basic version of flywheels is generally heavy because that’s how they were intended to be. This was done for an easy and consistent driving feel. You can increase the performance of your whip by adding a light rotating mass. You can choose between lightweight and ultra-lightweight flywheels. However, it can be problematic in the slow and moving traffic. The lightness of the flywheel can also cause clutch chatter in your car.

●      Twin and triple-disc clutch

These are specifically made for cars with high horsepower engines. The racetrack cars require something to hold them down so that they can keep the power grounded. They have their personalized flywheels, too, as the pressure plate design changes. The cerametallic discs are employed for the same. This type of clutch setup is generally not recommended for daily use cars.

Choose your kit depending on the usage

Another way to select the right kit for you depends on how you plan to use the given vehicle, as you can’t simply put any kind of clutch in any car. The car needs to be able to adapt to the new inputs to give the best output. You can only upgrade your car to a certain limit. Going beyond that could prove fatal for the vehicle.

It can be determined in the following ways:

●      Personal use

If the car is being used for daily purposes or long travels, you might want to consider the most basic version as it would not be too overwhelming for your car or your pockets. Don’t forget to ask for a warranty or something. Use cheaper kits if you’re planning to sell the car.

●      Work-related

The point of focus would be trucks used to carry more weight than the designated amount. Then you would require something with long-life friction material. You can go for stage two or three for the basic model. If you have modifications to your engine, you can go up to stage four or five. It generally depends on the intensity of the modifications.

●      Street performance

Cars under these categories can be highly modified. From modifying the chips to adding a nitrous system, anything can be done to push the limits of your vehicle. The direction for choosing the clutch kit would be the same as that for the trucks. Mentioned above. However, you’re better off with the stock version flywheel.

●      Race track

Before stepping into racing, gain knowledge about your car. Deal only with people you can trust. As winning is the final goal, you might have to spend a hefty amount on your vehicle to get it in proper shape. This has to be done after every race. So, make sure that you use the best products for your car.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Used Cars

When it comes to used cars, making a purchase is rarely straightforward for the buyer. After all, it’s not the same as buying a brand new vehicle, where you can expect everything to be in perfect working order right away. Instead, with used cars, there’s a bit more interaction and research behind everything. It’s like many aspects of the consumer experience in other industries – whether you are looking at the bonuses for NetBet or for a cut of wagyu steak – knowing what you’re looking at is important.

Purchasing a used car might seem like it comes with plenty of risks, but a bit of preparation can go a long way. You won’t have to worry about many of the risks if you take things slow and have the proper mindset. Here’s the quick buyer’s guide to used cars and how best to make an informed purchase.

Looking for used cars with a warranty

While it is understandable that pre-owned cars no longer come with a warranty, many different dealers offer warranties for used cars. There are also situations where the previous owner’s warranty is transferred to you, though that is less likely. The best thing to do would be to look for dealers that offer warranties with pre-owned cars.

The reason why the warranty is so crucial is that you might have to deal with repairs sooner than you expect when you purchase a used car. You never know the actual state of the vehicle when you first make a purchase, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution by going for a used car with a warranty.


Going for automatic or manual transmission

Another thing to consider would be the vehicle’s transmission. One of the advantages of manual transmission is that it is often easier to handle maintenance and fuel costs. However, it requires more effort to operate than an automatic vehicle. At this point, it becomes a question of whether you want to push for convenience or an even more budget-friendly experience. The typical recommendation for used cars would be the manual transmission as it can be much easier to handle potential issues.

Getting the help of your local mechanic

Aside from looking for used cars with a warranty or considering automatic or manual transmission, another crucial piece of the puzzle is getting a second opinion. Getting the help of a local mechanic can ensure that the dealer isn’t tricking you. In addition, a local mechanic can figure out any potential problems that might require regular and emergency repairs in the near future. Test-driving with the mechanic also allows them to spot any potential issues while you drive the vehicle. It’s a win-win situation, as it is always recommended to get the opinion of an experienced mechanic when purchasing a used car.

All things considered it can be quite a bit of fun to look for a used car that provides everything you need. While preparation is necessary, it is well worth the time and effort, as what you get in return is a vehicle that drives like it was brand new.


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Automotive Machine Shop Repairs

Machine shops undertake general mechanical work which includes fabricating new parts or repairing original copies. The automotive machine shops undertake the repair of cars or vehicles, which might include motorcycles also. Some automotive machine shops are brand-specific. Which means that they repair vehicles of 1 particular brand, which can be Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and so on. These are typically company-approved automotive repair centers. The mending can include engine cleaning and dirt removal, the checking of cranks, rods, blocks and heads, in addition to suspension areas of cars, crack repair of blocks and heads, crank shaft grinding, polishing and hardening, block boring, complete engine balancing, and connecting-fishing rod stress relieving.

You will find automotive machine shops that occupy all kinds of vehicular mending regardless of brand. Additionally they undertake the repair of older vehicles, the so-known as ‘yesterday’ machines, whose accessories and parts aren’t readily available. It’s understandable the engineers and mechanics during these shops are highly trained, because they sometimes need to improvise or almost reinvent the rare spares. The task of those generalists can also be more labor-intensive and time-consuming. It naturally follows their expenditure is usually greater than ordinary work of comparable nature.

Both brand-specific and general repair centers also supply or fabricate new parts to exchange the broken ones if they’re beyond repair.

An item of problem is these machine shops use hazardous materials for his or her mending and release eco dangerous spend. For instance, they will use methylene chloride to wash the aluminum parts. This solvent is toxic anyway. If it’s not correctly discarded it might prove harmful towards the atmosphere. So, aside from repairing and fabricating machine parts, the device shop proprietors should be accountable for protecting public health insurance and the atmosphere. When they release the pollutants lower the sewer, they could be punished heavily with fines along with other penalties.

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When you are looking for a transportation partner for your supply chain, you are looking for a reliable partner and can deliver on time. However, Trucking company Toronto faces its own set of challenges. Sometimes, even when you team up with a reliable partner, certain difficulties might arise. Following are some of the challenges which could occur.

Weather Conditions

Bad weather is something that can’t always be predicted. The winters in Canada are highly unpredictable. Spontaneous thunderstorms can impact the timely delivery of goods. Sometimes this can have a severe impact on your business. When looking for a transportation partner, you need to consider how they deal with this very common challenge related to cargo traveling by road. The company must keep itself to up to date with the weather predictions, especially of the regions that fall in the route. This can help estimate the delivery time irrespective of how the weather turns out to be in reality. It is always best to have backup plans in place. As weather and emergencies arrive without any notice, having an emergency plan always comes in handy.

Hike in Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are never stable. They keep rising and falling for multiple reasons. Whenever the costs of fuel rise, the companies which use gas then have to allocate more funds to fuel their vehicles and keep their business moving. Sometimes the unprecedented hike in fuel prices can also force the companies to take various steps, including a cut in wages. It can also force companies to hike prices for their products and services.

Natural Disasters

Canada is not a country that experiences earthquakes as often. The chances of transportation being interrupted due to that are also relatively low but not negligible. It is always best to have a precautionary plan in place to deliver the goods safely, even when there is an earthquake.

Environment Regulations

Global warming is a real threat that is impacting everyone across the globe, and all the counties need to do their bit to undo the damages and prevent any further damage to the environment. Canada is doing their bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of Environment and Climate Change Canada. Due to this, big businesses are being provided with incentives to adapt and reduce their overall carbon footprint. According to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters report, the carbon dioxide emission from supply chains is about 50%. The pressure from the international climate committees is on the rise, putting more pressure on businesses to be more environmentally conscious. The companies need to work on reducing greenhouse emissions.


The world of data has revolutionized the logistic industry. Though data tracking has made many things easier, more complications have arisen in the supply change. For example, the shippers need to constantly track and enter the data so that the exact location of the freight is up to date.

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Maintaining Your Refrigerated Vehicle for Uninterrupted Transportation

The transportation of perishable goods poses a unique logistical challenge. Though technologies like IoT smart devices, GPS tracking devices, and integrated data solutions are quickly helping to ease maintenance and vehicular challenges, fleet managers continue to have their work cut out for them when managing the distribution of perishable produce like medicine, meats, fruits, and so on.

As there are unforeseen activities that become beyond you and your fleet driver control, there are steps that will help you lower mechanical issues. It will help you out to save your shipments. Let’s explore some tips for the maintenance of refrigerated van conversions, which helps in the overall functioning of your vehicle.

1. Cleaning Regularly

Once you have completed the delivery, the first step is to clean the trailer. The goods that you carry in your trailer are naturally sensitive. Therefore cross-contamination is possible in the upcoming loads due to leftover organic material. If not cleaned properly, the damage will be hundreds and thousands of dollars.


To avoid this, start the cleaning activity by completely emptying the trailer. Though an all-purpose cleaning agent is enough, a more acute disinfectant will be more effective depending upon the fleet interior resistance power and the product shipped.

Start by wiping and washing the door seals, walls, ceiling, and floor. The cleaning has to be thorough as the surfaces can have harmful bacteria and mold.

Airing and Use of Scrapers

Scrapers are necessary for removing tough stains from your truck. An ideal option would be to use plastic scrapers. Give some time to dry up once the cleaning is over. Otherwise, the dampness will let the mold multiply and harm the products.

2. Cool the Trailer Consistently

It is an obvious tip and a necessary one; to keep the temperature cool in the refrigerated trailer when transporting the shipment. The uneven chilling does not only harm the perishable items and food. But the damage inside your trailer compromises the complete interior.

You will find cleaning easier multiple times if the shipment is leak-free and fresh. If the trips of spoiled goods are limited, it will result in the fleet’s long life.

3. Checking Before and After Every Trip

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) demands that the driver necessarily carry out an investigation of the truck pre- and post-shipment.

Before leaving, the driver should check the different facets of the fleet for issues, which includes

  • Temperature Calibration
  • Level of Fluid
  • Wall Damage
  • Tire Pressure
  • Door Seal Security
  • Function of Headlight
  • Adequate airflow (On Loading)
  • Health of Engine

If he gets clearance from all, a driver is safe to start the trip with contentment. Post cleaning the trailer needs a follow-up investigation to search for any damage in the latest shipment completed. It will help identify the issue in the early stage for quick rectification.

Training Drivers to do Checks

Overall, it is an intense procedure where the driver comes across complex reefer technology. To perform skillfully, they require adequate know-how. A side-by-side learning opportunity for the driver is necessary to conduct the inspection process before and after the trip.

There is a requirement to adhere to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) norms, making the driver aware of the sanitation specification product-wise.

4. Hiring a Professional

Your driver can gain the acquired skills post-training. But he may still lack to conduct a detailed preventive inspection. The reason for it is limited technical knowledge, and it is not their core job role. It is highly advisable that you get the refrigerated vehicle inspection done by an expert.

A professional is more aware of your refrigeration components like evaporator, compressor, connecting hoses, air chute, condenser, and more. They possess the required skill to remove any parts to inspect for contamination. A mechanic with comprehensive knowledge of refrigerated trucks needs hiring to conduct a consistent inspection.

Maintenance of Refrigerated Vehicles is Important

The tips mentioned above are necessary, but you will also have to follow traditional checks and repairs for your fleet. The cooling system strains the engine more than a car and non-refrigerated trailers, so regular oil change is necessary. The tires of your truck need regular rotation and replacement because you ship heavy loads. It will help in avoiding a blowout and will save time for the shipment.

The fleet needs servicing at regular intervals. Therefore, every vehicle’s battery, hoses, timing belt, spark plugs, and other parts need to be in the best shape. If your truck fails due to non-maintenance, keeping your shipment refrigerated becomes difficult without any assistance.

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Forward Thinking Car Rental In Manchester Proven to Improve Economic and Environmental Concerns

Out of the 2.8 million people living in Greater Manchester, only 39% own their own vehicle. The rest choose to either walk or cycle, while only one in ten people use public transport. This data shows that the people of Manchester prefer transport modes where they can travel alone or with people they know.

Access to vehicles has increased as car rental in Manchester has become more popular, as more people are opting to lease cars rather than buying them.

The global car rental industry has a projected growth rate of 7.2% between 2021 and 2026. In the United Kingdom, the car rental industry contributes 49 billion per year to the UK economy, which is especially valuable in this current climate, as there has been a significant economic decline during the pandemic.

Car renters also benefit financially, as renting a car has proven to be far more cost-effective than buying a car on finance. This is especially true for short-term car leasing services, which have become a common staple in city-centre locations in recent years.

Short Term Car Rental in Manchester

Short term car rental in Manchester, in particular, has surged, as fewer people need access to a car full time in order to commute. This is because they may only need to drive to the office a few days a week or even once a month.

A short-term car rental involves hiring a car for a period ranging from one day to two years. Leasing a car for up to two years would be the preferred option if a car is required on a daily basis for a few years. This involves affordability checks, and renters will agree on a set monthly rate which will be paid every month until the car is returned.

The cost will depend on the car’s value and may also include added extras such as maintenance, repair cover and even insurance.

Shorter rentals are typically suited to drivers who are planning a long weekend away or have a one-off work trip that requires vehicle access. This service is normally offered by car clubs or car sharing companies, who normally charge an hourly rate or set rates depending on usage.


The Benefits of Car Sharing

Car sharing is a fairly new car rental concept in the UK. This benefits drivers who do not own or lease their own car, as car sharing services enable them to connect with car owners in order to rent a car for short periods of time.

Car owners can also earn additional income by renting their car out when it is not in use, which on average is around 96%. By sharing their car, owners can make money instead of wasting it on a parked car, they only use 4% of the time.

Just one car share vehicle can replace seven to thirteen cars on the road, which will significantly lower congestion rates. Manchester is the 5th most congested city in the UK, with an average rush-hour congestion rate of 40%. Drivers in Manchester spend up to 94 hours per year stuck in traffic. Therefore an increase in car sharing is extremely beneficial in reducing traffic congestion.

Environmentally Conscious Travel

Car sharing services also fulfil the need for vehicle access without the financial and environmental damage caused by manufacturing new cars.

Using a car rental or car sharing service will also help Manchester’s objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 13% every year in order to achieve the projected environmental protection goals by 2038. This is because there will be fewer cars on the road, and there are more passengers per vehicle, which reduces pollution.

Many companies offering car rental in Manchester provide electric and hybrid car packages, which are far better for the environment. The average electric car produces 3.4 times less CO2 emissions than the average petrol or diesel car.

The Industry-Leading Car Share Company

One of the main industry leaders in the car sharing sector is Karshare, who offer a range of car rental services to owners and renters, including electric car access. This involves connecting car renters with nearby car owners via the Karshare app.

They also played a major part in helping key workers by providing 12,000 key rentals during the pandemic while also offering contactless cars collection to protect their customers at all times.

In 2021, Karshare launched its services in the North West of England by offering its technologically advanced solutions for car sharing and car rental in Manchester.  In the first three months, they offered a guaranteed payment of £200 per month to the first 20 owners in various Manchester postcodes.

To qualify for car sharing, the car must be UK registered, be less than 13 years old, have fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock, and the owner must also show evidence of a valid MOT.

All Karshare rentals are fitted with KarshareGo technology, enabling renters to book and location cars in their local area. It also helps drivers become more eco-conscious by using telematics to track fuel consumption and mileage.

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, owners can earn up to £550 a month by renting out their car. Karshare also provides a lease and rent service, which enables customers to lease a car for up to two years while also renting out to nearby drivers In Manchester.

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