September 23, 2023


Field Trip Buses: Ensuring Safety and Fun for School Outings

A school trip is an experience that generates benefits and brings responsibilities for everyone involved. This is an opportunity for children to have fun with friends and learn a lot outside of the classroom. For school teachers, it is a chance to improve their interdisciplinary approaches and acquire responsibility for students; for parents, the excursion is an opportunity to have more confidence in their children and see them mature. To make this a positive experience for students, teachers, and parents, we’ve brought some tips on what you need to know about the school trip and how to ensure its success with infinity transportation chicago, for example.

  1. Care For Children’s Luggage

From the age of 5, children can participate in school trips with field trip buses and can understand the rules they need to follow during the trip. Parents must give all instructions to the team that will accompany them (specific precautions, such as allergies, necessary medications, phobias, etc.) and leave some personal identification and a contact in case of emergency in their luggage.

  1. Sending The Announcement About The School Trip

Sending the first communication about the excursion to the student’s family should be done well, if possible, months before the departure date. This way, parents can make preparations more calmly, such as buying swimwear or warm clothes, organizing appointments, etc.

School Diary

The statement must contain all information about the tour, from the destination address to the itinerary, means of transport, travel time, the team of monitors, the objective of the tour, and the justified prices. It is important to ensure that this document reaches the hands of those responsible. For this, you can, for example, request authorization with the signature of at least one of the parents. This way, the school confirms that the communication was successful and the student is authorized to participate in the excursion.

  1. Monitors To Ensure The Tour

It is important to follow an average of one monitor for every three students on the trip. And this doesn’t change depending on the age of the children! Older students feel more independent and also need guardians to provide supervision. Most monitors must be made up of teachers who deal with students daily. This is justified by the fact that the school trip always has a pedagogical purpose; learning in the field is part of the teaching-learning relationship that begins in the classroom.

  1. Way To Convey Security To Children

On long itineraries, which take more than one day of travel, children need to maintain a feeling of security from those around them. Therefore, the participation of the school’s teachers in the monitoring team is important. Another tip is to open the possibility for one or two parents of students to also participate in the excursion. These tips will help the team organize the next school trip at your institution. Remember that the student’s parents must be informed about the trip well in advance, and the pedagogical team must participate in organizing the itinerary so that the trip contributes to teaching the subjects of the school curriculum.

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