September 27, 2022


How to keep your Volkswagen clean

Volkswagen is one of the most popular brands in the automotive world and has iconic models like the Golf, Polo and T-Cross to their name. If you own a VW, you will know that they are not only super-reliable and stylish but great fun to drive as well. To really get the most from your VW though and ensure it retains as much value as possible, it pays to keep it clean.

But just how can you go about this?

Use seat covers

One of the best tips for keeping your Volkswagen clean is to use seat covers. These will do a great job of protecting your seats and ensuring they stay looking awesome. Investing in the best VW seat covers, for example, will stop seat material from getting stained from spilt food/drink or getting worn out through general use over time. This will help to keep your car clean, enjoyable to drive and ensure seat material remains in top condition.

Regular washing is essential

Of course, any guide to keeping your VW clean should mention washing the vehicle regularly. Whether you handle this at home or take your VW through a carwash, it will help keep it looking its best. Although you might not think about it often, your VW’s bodywork can pick up lots of debris (such as bugs, grime and other general detritus) when you drive it each day. It is crucial to wash your vehicle regularly to get rid of all this from the bodywork. This will not only keep your VW clean but also stop rust from forming on the bodywork, where debris has eaten away at the paint.

Remember to clean the interior!

Another great tip for VW drivers looking to keep their vehicles clean is to focus on the interior. The inside of your vehicle after all can be a place where dust, debris and empty food/drink cartons collect. It is also somewhere you can end up storing clothes, chargers and other general items from everyday life!

It makes perfect sense therefore to give the inside of your VW a once over regularly and there are some easy interior car cleaning tips to know about.

Start by getting rid of any clutter inside the vehicle you don’t need to make it look tidier. After this, use wipes to clean your centre console, dashboard and general interior spaces. It is also a good move to give your carpets and mats a hoover to make the whole vehicle look extra smart.

Keeping your Volkswagen clean is key

If you own a Volkswagen, it really does make sense to put the effort into keeping it clean. This will not only make it more enjoyable to drive and mean you are not embarrassed to give people lifts in it but will also keep its resale value higher. If you need a few tips on how to go about this, the above are worth thinking about.

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