May 26, 2022


Ideal Wheels and Tyres packages 

Driving your favourite vehicle on the road is certainly an enjoyable experience. It can add even more excitement when your vehicle is fitted with a good quality set of wheels and tyres.

A perfect set of wheels and tyres will not only make your journey comfortable but also serve as an assurance of your safety.  It is therefore, prudent to be extremely careful while choosing an ideal wheels and tyres package that is durable as well as economical.

Tyres, their properties and classification

A tyre is a sort of cushion provided within the wheel of your vehicle. The cushioning effect of tyre absorbs the jerks and vibrations created by the road surface and make your journey smooth and comfortable. The tyre also acts as a part of braking system of the vehicle.

A good tyre should have non-skidding property that largely depends upon the tread design on the tyre that prevents vehicle from skidding on wet road surfaces.

In addition, a good tyre should always have ribbed tread pattern that maintains uniform distribution of wear on wheel and thus prevents skidding.

The type of material used for making the tyres must be of high quality as load carrying capacity and ability to sustain the load depends on the quality of material. In addition, the design of tyre helps prevent tyre wear that takes place with each revolution.

Tyres, are primarily classified on the basis of the presence or absence of rubber tubes inside the tyres and can be classified as:

  • Tubed Tyres
  • Tubeless Tyres

On the basis of carcass i.e. construction or skeleton of tyres; they are further classified as:

  • Bias or Cross-Ply – with ply cords at 30-40 degrees angle to the tire axis
  • Radial Ply – with ply running in radial direction
  • Belted-Biased Ply – combines features of Bias or Cross Ply and Radial Ply tyres

Among these tyres, Radial Tubeless tyres are most common and preferred due to excellent performance.

Tyres can be for:

  • All-Season
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • SUV and Truck
  • Performance
  • Track and Competition
  • All Terrain
  • Mud Terrain
  • All Purpose
  • Ribbed
  • Touring
  • Highways

For best results it is essential to select appropriate and convenient wheels and tyres package that includes the finest and sturdiest types of wheels – the circular component that rotates on the axle bearing.

Wheels and their type

Wheels help in moving objects through the rotatory movement by reducing friction and creating motion using axles. The different types of wheels include:

  • Pressed Steel Disc Wheels
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Wired Wheels
  • Wheels with divided Rims and Split

Most of the reputed companies dealing in wheels and tyres such as St. George Tyres offer various types of wheels and tyres package for all type of vehicles.

These packages can be SUV or Truck 4×4 Rims and Tyres Alloy wheels and Tyre Off Road and Mag Wheel and tyres which include:

  • Set of Four Alloy Wheels with Gloss Black or mat black wheels with five or multiple spokes
  • Set of Four Tyres with optional TPMS sensors
  • Fitting kit, if required

Should you require attractive and economical wheels and tyres packages; trust the quality and reliability of St. George Tyres who deliver the goods at your door steps swiftly with speed.

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