May 6, 2021


The 5 Common Car Smells & How to Eliminate Them

 Are you bothered by funky smells in your car? It’s annoying to sit in a smelly car. Fortunately, getting rid of car odors isn’t that difficult. There are various ways to deal with stubborn car smells and have your vehicle smelling fresh all the time. It’s also worth noting that there are different types of car smells, and some have an underlying cause.

Check out the common car smells and how to eliminate them:

  1. Smoke smell

Have you bought a used car, and there’s a residual tobacco smell in the car interiors? Do you smoke in the car, and the smell lingers for long? No matter how much you clean your car, you may not eliminate the smell fully. Here’s a quick fix! Search online for the best car odor eliminator, and discharge this and other nasty smells in your car.

  1. Rotten eggs

The car’s catalytic converter turns hydrogen sulfide in the engine exhaust into sulfur dioxide. If the fuel filters or fuel sensors are faulty or worn out, this can cause gas leakage, which finds its way into the car’s cabin. Rotten egg smell in your vehicle indicates malfunctioning in the vehicle’s fuel system.

Leftover food can also cause rotten egg smells in your car. To deal with this, recognize the source of the funky smell, and remove the trash. Moreover, sprinkle baking soda on the mats and the carpeted areas. Remove the car carpets and air them in the sun, and hire professionals to examine your car’s catalytic converter.

  1. Burnt carpet smell

Burning carpet smell from your vehicle means brake trouble! It can also mean that you’re dragging the brakes and wearing out the brake pads. You may also have forgotten to disengage the handbrake. To fix this completely, contact a mechanic to replace the brake pads. The smell is also likely to have spread to other parts like the carpets, and a car odor eliminator will help eliminate the smell.

  1. Burnt rubber smells

Brunt rubber smells may result from a slipped engine belt. It could also indicate a melting hose in the power cooling or steering system. To fix this, wait for the vehicle to cool down, open the hood and inspect the belts and hoses. If you spot loose belts or one that’s almost breaking, replace them as required.

  1. Mildew smells

Mildew is a common unwelcome odor in most cars. It can result from a slight leak leading to condensation buildup. Dealing with this is straightforward, though! Use a vacuum to eliminate water from the carpets and upholstery.

Also, check the trunk and under the carpets for condensation and spot the cause of the leak. Also, examine the area near the spare tire and the air conditioning system. Once you spot the source of the smell, use a water-vinegar solution to freshen up the interiors.

The bottom line

 Car odors are common occurrences, and you should fix them immediately. If you’re dealing with nasty car smells like smoke, rotten eggs, and pet smells, a car odor eliminator will help. You can get one from leading stores online and forget about those annoying car smells.

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