July 2020

Used Car

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Used Car

You need to protect yourself before you invest in anything expensive, including a car. Even if you decided to buy a used car, you will still spend a significant amount of money. You should be confident in your chosen used car dealer. These questions will help you find the perfect partner.

Does the car have complete documents?

You can’t buy a car without complete documents. It’s illegal, and you could be at risk if you buy one. Who knows? The vehicle you intend to buy might have been involved in criminal activity in the past. You don’t want to get accused of a crime you didn’t commit. If the dealer can’t provide the documents and guarantee the transfer of ownership to your name, you should walk away from that deal.

Is the history report available?

You need to know the complete history of the car. It tells you if it got involved in a severe accident in the past. You can also check the consistency of the previous owner in maintaining the vehicle. A VIN should be available so you can download the document online and analyze it.

Is the dealer a registered keeper?

Some used car owners let a dealer sell the car on their behalf. Make sure that if they do, the dealer is a registered keeper. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that you’re entering a legal transaction.

Can I do a test drive?

Used car dealers allow any potential buyer to take the car out on a test drive. If the dealer says no to you, it’s a red flag. Even new cars are available for a test drive. There’s no reason to decline your request. You need to know how it feels to drive the car. If there are issues while driving, you will only know them upon doing a test drive.

Is there unpaid finance?

You need to know if the car you’re going to buy already got paid in full by the previous owner, or there’s still an outstanding balance. You don’t want to receive surprise information that you have an unpaid balance under your name. If you need to pay the rest of the amount, it needs to be clear from the start.

Did the previous owner write the car off?

It’s common for used cars to get restored after severe damage. Experts in dealing with car parts can still revive a broken vehicle. If the car is still working perfectly after the repair, you can buy it. However, you need to know if it got written off before. You might want to avoid that option since there could be recurring issues.

Once you know the responses to these questions, you will be confident of the transaction. Consider the best car dealerships in Utah if you want a quality choice at an affordable price. Keep looking until you find what you need. Don’t forget to negotiate the price since used cars could still be cheaper than the initial offer.


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